In the Sring of 2014 the City participated in a visioning process that aimed to catalyze future development within the City. A variety of community stakeholders participated and provided a wealth of ideas for how Gold Hill can operate sustainably into the future. Below are the final renderings provided by Jim Wadell of EIGov and artist Jim Fetter.


What is the Vision to Action Tool?

An innovative interview and visualizing technique for capturing and integrating individual and community visions; utilizing impartial professional artists and facilitators. The Vision to Action Tool is geared toward an open community forum with the goal to first listen with our eyes and obtain diverse individual visions and assessments, whatever they might be, and then integrate them into a community of visions. (The Multi-Vision Integration process is sponsored by the EPA Region 10 Brownfields Program and facilitated by EIGov under contract to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)


Note on the art:


Wine celler Vign COLOR copy


Street Scene COLOR copy


power house cafe COLOR copy


power house cafe INSIDE COLOR copy


Night scene banjo Vign COLOR copy


inn on the river COLOR copy


ampatheater COLOR copy


kayak and bike bus Vign COLOR copy