Community Snapshot

Gold Hill has a distinct small-town feel with a strong sense of community. At just over 1,200 residents the city is spread out over a relatively small .77 square mile plot seated along the Rogue River. Oregon's largest thoroughfare, interstate-5, runs just on the opposite side of the river offering peace and quiet along with fast access to the nearby cities of Grants Pass (north) and Medford (south). Gold Hill sits at the intersection of I-5 and the amazingly scenic Crater Lake Highway 234, with Crater Lake (one of Oregon's largest attractions) a little over 90 minutes away.  The city boasts four parks including a boat launch, fantastic river beach access for families, a scenic bike path, skatepark, basketball court, tennis courts, playgrounds as well as a jogging trail. Living in Gold Hill it is difficult to ignore the endless beauty that is Southern Oregon, with hundreds of miles of excellent cycling roads, gorgeous hikes, serene fishing spots, world-class kayaking rapids and pristine wilderness all at your doorstep.



Population Demographics

·      Gold Hill, OR has a population of 1,220.

·      Of the city's population 50.1% are men and 49.9% are females.

·      The city's population is 97.4% native born and 2.6% foreign born.

·      62.6% of the city's population is married. The other 37.4% are single.

·      The city's population is 6.5% college educated and 88.0% have a high school diploma or a GED

·      The top three races (in population) are: White [93.5%], Two or more races [3.6%] and Hispanic [2.7%]







·      The average worker works 37 hours a week in Gold Hill, OR.

·      The median worker income in Gold Hill, OR is $25,357.

·      As of the last census, the Gold Hill, OR unemployment rate of 5.4% was better than the 7.9% national average.

·      The poverty rate for Gold Hill, OR is 14.3%.

·      Typical commute times differ throughout the city. However, overall 66.8% of works commute under 25 mins daily, 32.0% commute 25-45 mins, and 1.2% have a commute greater than 45 minutes.







·       $1,265 a month is the typical owner cost for a home with a mortgage.

·       In Gold Hill, OR 1975 is the median year when homes were built.

·       The typical home has 5 rooms.

·       61.3% of homes are owner occupied and 31.8% are rented

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*all data is accurate as to the 2010 US Census 

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